Mad Mike goes Bye Bye

It was overdue by years.

"Mad Mike" Milbury has stepped down as GM of thte New York Islanders following years of mediocrity and wheeling and dealing tha tsent away more talent than it brought in. Mike Chen shows who could have been on Long Island if Milbury wasn't aiming for the quick fix perpetually. It should also be noted ownership woes did help undermine the Islander franchise for years and financial concerns did help propogate some trades...

But still -- how the hell do you trade away Roberto Luongo, a project-top-prospect goalie for another project-top-prospect goalie in Rick DiPietro, setting the franchise back for years? That's not putting down Rick who is stellar -- that is putting down the fact Mike did not have faith in Luongo or Weekes to be rocks between teh pipes (as they have been elsewhere in the league).