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UPDATED / CORRECTED: Tribute to a returning Bolt? Not this time around

EDITORS NOTE: The source we cite below has turned around and said that Martin St. Louis is indeed getting a tribute video. While that makes the following article incorrect, it’s better not to hide from the error than to slink away. –John

There are three major events this week on the minds of Tampa Bay Lightning fans, the first being Thanksgiving and how it owns the entire week and will affect them in one way or another. The second being Black Friday and… Oh, it’s played out enough. I’m not going to hype it.

And then there’s Marty…

Number 26 is to return to Tampa this week as a member of the New York rangers, his first official visit back to the Tampa Bay area since his trade request was fulfilled on March 5th. There is a mix of feelings about how this played out, as well as how Marty handled himself after leaving.

And while the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise has a habit of waxing classy toward former players and returning heroes, rumors have it that Martin St. Louis isn’t due for this:

Lightning fans might question the source here as Derek Sharp (a producer at 620 AM WDAE) is not often cited as a source for team related news and notes. We’ve had confirmation from other sources that no tribute from the club is planned.

Are you still upset with Martin St. Louis, or have you moved on?

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