Media Blather from Saturday

Joe Theismann and the rest of the ESPN SUnday Night TV crew whined and cried for Sean Taylor's soul when they saw him kicked out fo the football game. They pitted all guilt on Michael Pittman and the TV viewers at home were left to wonder what the full story was with what happened -- though there wasn't a story from how the announcer crew reported things. Officials made a bad call -- even though Sean Taylor wasn't exactly hopping mad or crying over this travesty -- and that was the end of it.

The Skins ddin't complain, Taylor went ot the Locker room but Theismann continued to pour out bile for the officials for some time later...

Hey Joe? Cram this up your ass and shut the hell up, you homer. You and those you work with displayed how far ESPN has fallen while working Saturday's game for ABC. That was shoddy journalism through and through.