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Why the NHL won't change on outdoor games

Now that the new slate of outdoor games has been announced, cue the groaning about the same teams getting games... And then take a minute to understand the business success that the NHL is sticking to.

NHL social media numbers

Where things stand for all 30 NHL teams on the biggest social media platforms (compiled March 8/9, 2016).

Elliotte Friedman does an AMA

The Bolts came up for obvious reasons but this little piece of chatter seemed notable.

Blog anniversary and the Deke the Deuce campaign

As a long time blogging voice, I turn off hockey a bit to mark the occasion.

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Lightning achieve something else during last night's win over Detroit

A record-busting audience locally is nice to achieve. The game's weight (battling over 2nd place in the Atlantic Division) along with other factors held sway in that new record high in the TB viewing market.

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NBC Live Extra coverage

Streaming goodness from the NBC Sports team tied to toniht's Lightning vs. Red Wings game.You will have to sign in with your Internet rovider to utilize everything.

"Inside The Lightning: Ben Bishop"premieres Thur.

Fox Sports Florida / Fox Sports Sun announces the latest broadcast of "Inside The Lightning", highlighting Tampa Bay's lead netminder.

Be careful of completely trusting salary cap sites

Since the advent of and it's successors, fans have become much more involved in looking at the salary cap. However, those sites aren't flawless and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Echo chambers and conclusions without evidence

One of hockey's biggest media personalities concludes Stamkos is history; one of hockey's longest-tenured bloggers wants proof beyond idled speculation.

Where's the proof of the conflict?

It's repeated by the top-level media of hockey that a conflict exists between the head coach and the team captain. Where's the substance that confirms it?

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Where are the Lightning fans expressing themselves?

I'm not talking Raw Charge, or Lightning Shout, or Bolt Prospects -- two are part of major networks, another aspires to be of a news caliber. Are there Lightning fans out there expressing themselves in a verbose way (not just on Twitter in limited characters) and where? I'm aware of en-Lightning and Roar of Thunder but after that, there's nothing. Bolt and Jolt is a forthcoming site.

A quick review of the Bud Red Light

Getting a pricey-but-cool item just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Lightning ranked Ultimately by ESPN

Third overall in rankings among the 4 major North American sports leagues. First overall among NHL clubs. Way ahead of the other local tams in Tampa Bay.

You'd think it didn't happen...

Checking and the lack of headlines Sunday afternoon aimed at the Lightning, you'd think Lightning Launch Weekend or Fan Fest hadn't happened.

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Win a signed Ryan Callahan jersey

A website launch aimed for October 8th and looking for site members leads to a contest.

Making it better with Marty

Just when can/will everyone - the fans, the club, and Marty - start to make it better?

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Brian EngBlom on 620 WDAE this morning

The quote actually leads to a question: is the NBC Sports national broadcast group that disjointed? Brian's single quote is taken out of context, though, my question could have been answered in the grander context of the on-air talk.

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A little incident with Brian Engblom's between-the-boards work with NBC Sports

If you do a Google search looking for clips of Engblom delivering commentary for an example of what to expect with future Lightning telecasts, you're greeted by this unfortunate moment from March of this year.

The new color voice of Lightning telecasts

Brian Engblom will replace Bobby "The Chief" Taylor as color analyst during Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts on Sun Sports.

Last day to vote! Best of the Bay 2015

The 2015 Best of the Bay readers survey features several ties to the Bolts organization... Oh, and to Raw Charge as well.

NBCSN, Media Markets, and the Tampa Bay Lightning

NBCSN will air 8 Tampa Bay Lightning games nationally in the 2015-16 season, which seems just a little low for the reigning Eastern Conference Champions.

Seeking "Best of the Bay" nominations

Somewhat off topic but also very relevant in that sports are part of the nomination ballot for the Best of Tampa Bay from Creative Loafing.

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LIVE stream from NBC Sports

We can't embed this in the storystream itself, but click on the above link and you'll be whicked away to the free online stream from NBC of tonight's Lightning / Blackhawks game 6.

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Talking Lightning / Rangers on "The Penalty Box Podcast"

Click to listen to our own Kyle Alexander talking the series - games 1 and 2 and games ahead.

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Tampa Bay Times reporter Joe Smith having a New York City meet-up with fans

Tampa Bay Lightning fans in the Big Apple who would like to be social with someone who covers the Lightning have their opportunity this afternoon.

Sun Sports' most ever watched Lightning game

Game 7 hits a new high-water mark for the regional sports network.

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VIDEO: Get yourself excited about Game 1

IT's the Bolts official HYPE video for the start of the 2015 NHL playoffs.

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Video: The first woman of NHL Hockey, Manon Rheaume

A feature report / interview on goalie Manon Rheaume, who made headlines more than 20 years ago when she participated in training camp with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Heartwarming military reunion last night

The Tampa Bay Lightning hosted another military reunion last night at the Amalie. Check it out, warm and fuzzies will ensue. This stuff always tends to do that.

An open request to

A great reference tool doesn't have accurate logo representation for the Bolts.

A decree most hockey fans can agree with

The hashtag #MishMute was inspired by a loathing of NBC Sports Network telecasts (formerly Versus, formerly Outdoor Life Network) and specifically one of the NHL's most prominent and annoying commentators,

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Monday, the NHL trade deadline, and too much TV Coverage

Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey summarizes the overdone coverage from Canadian media with this one. There will be hours and hours of coverage and analysis and not necessarily much going on. Perhaps regularly scheduled programming might also be an option?