Meet Achariya, new Managing Editor of Raw Charge

John Fontana has passed on the torch.

Welcome to an amazing (and hopefully long) new season of Bolts hockey! I am Achariya, new Managing Editor of Raw Charge. I am also an Associate Editor at Pension Plan Puppets, and have been a writer for SBNation for the past two seasons. I helped to cover the Invictus games for SBNation, and have a deep interest in adaptive sports. How do I feel about the Tampa Bay Lightning? I love the team, and you can read more about my feelings here.

Raw Charge has a two-fold mission this year: we will build on the solid foundation handed to us by John and Cassie and be an excellent news source for the Bolts and Bolts System teams, and we will uphold the standards set by SBNation to advocate for the inclusion of ability, gender, and race in how we cover sports.

Ability and inclusion are important issues to me because my father has paraplegia, and traveling with him on his journey has taught me much about how we perceive and write about differences. I'm also extra-excited to increase coverage of the Bolts' sled hockey team!

My Associate Editors are Allovimo, who covered the Syracuse Crunch for Raw Charge for many years, and Waffleboardsave, who has been known to drop everything to write news about the team. I am grateful for all of the Raw Charge staff, and know you'll be impressed by the quality of writing they produce this season.

Would you like to write for Raw Charge? Please introduce yourself and your writing interests in a fanpost, and we will get back to you! Please also join us for Game Day Threads that are on the site an hour before each game.

What else should you know about me? I am an Orlando-area mom. My day job is as an Instructional Designer for the Navy, so I really do spend my days writing lessons about Naval aircraft and ships, with a good dose of hockey on the side. Many thanks to John Fontana for entrusting me with this site (please go read his heart-felt farewell). He will remain on as our mentor and Artistic Director.

In the words of every hockey player everywhere, I think I'll end this introduction and let my actions speak for me.

May our season bump into the 4th of July!