Message Board roundup with the Trade Deadline approaching

Just for fun and for admiring sheer stupidity, here's some of the talk I've found on the web regarding the Lightning and the rumors that are around....

First the utterly ridiculous:

St. Louis for Whitney - FanHome

I'he heard that Whitney, $2,000,000 and a 1st and 2nd round draft pick will be enough for Detroit to secure St. Louis before the trade deadline of the 9th of March


Kubina for Gonchar?? - FanHome

Has anyone else heard about this possible trade??
The Caps are in financial troubles and want to get Gonchar off the pay-roll? Is there any substance in this rumour do you feel?
A 4th or 5th round draft pick is also alledged to be involved here with the Bolts letting one of the two up
:rolleyes :rolleyes

HFBoards - Richards for Samsonov?

How do Bolts fans feel about Sergei Samsonov? Putting contracts aside, would you trade us Richards for him? On the Bruins' side, most people are against the deal. What do you think? Please elaborate

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    Its funny, I've never heard a trade rumor with the Bruins that wasn't for Samsonov/

I would be against this deal.That would open up a gaping hole at center for Tampa Bay, only to upgrade a wing position (Fedotenko) that's been pretty good lately.

Samsonov can't seem to stay healthy, and we already have a dynamic, undersized winger in STL.

Then you factor in the Lecavalier-Richards connection, as well as the affection the TB area has for Richards (not to mention with Torts and Feaster) and it makes it even more unlikely.

Richards is close to being untouchable in Tampa.

Extremely unlikely he'll be moved anytime within the next 5 years.

"I'd do this deal in a second" was a response to this and "thank god you're not GM" was the follow up - with this pleasant exchange I moved on with my search...

It's also interesting to note that, after having lived off message boards for years and seen how crazy the hockey forums can get at trade-deadline time, no mention of the Prospal rumors came up in the Rumors and Draft forums on FanHome or Metroboards (up until I posted something about them - and was met with some skepticism that I was just pulling the rumor out of my ass on

So anyway - I'd like to repost more ridiculousness that you come across on the web -- we've got 10 days to go until the deadline and there will be plenty of ridiculousness (it happens every year) until then.