Dustin Brown suspended for one game after knee-on-knee hit on Mikhail Sergachev

Sergachev had his leg swept by Dustin Brown in last night’s Tampa Bay Lightning game against the Kings.

The Department of Player Safety announced that Dustin Brown would get a hearing today following his knee-on-knee hit to Mikhail Sergachev. The only response we have is: good.

Update: The result of the hearing is that Brown will be suspended for one (1) game. Is this enough of a slap on the wrist to discourage Brown from repeating this kind of play? Hahahaha. Yeah, probably not, especially since his last fine was only a few weeks ago.

What happened:

With less than five minutes to go in the second period, rookie defenseman Sergachev was skating the puck out of the Tampa Bay Lightning zone when Kings forward Dustin Brown collided with him.  The main point of contact was knee-to-knee and left the young player sprawled out on the ice.

Brown was issued a five-minute penalty and and a game misconduct.  The Lightning added their fourth goal of the game (and game-winning-goal) during the ensuing penalty as Nikita Kucherov scored his 29th goal.

Brown, who has a history of fines for his less than clean play, was recently fined $5,000 for boarding Pittsburgh’s Justin Schultz in January. He was suspended in 2013 for an elbow he delivered to Minnesota’s Jason Pomminville.

Sergachev missed the rest of the second period, but returned to play in the third period.