I've posted in 2004 that the Lightning had, in the past, explored new sweater/logo designs. I also posted in January a fans concept for a new Lightning uniform.

And with the Lightning entering their 15th season of play (not counting the lockout of 2004-05) it hasn't been without warrant to think the Lightning would change things up for the 2007-08 season. With RBK Edge uniforms being implemented in the NHL, it's given teams such as the Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets reason to tweak, if not revamp, their uniform. Why would the Lightning be an exception?

Answer: They won't be.

Tucked into an article about center Tim Taylor's hip situation in today's St. Petersburg Times, Damian Cristodero breaks the official news:

The Lightning is expected to unveil this summer a "modernization" of its logo. The changes are not expected to be major. This goes along the lines of the insight that was posted on FanHome that the Lightning would make subtle changes to their logo and uniform -- the team crest, the fonts, not much else.

Odds are the text is removed from the Lightning crest and the bolt takes on a more fierce look -- or is simply enlarged.