More housekeeping

First off, I'd like to request anyone who has trouble navigating Boltsmag to please drop me a line and tell me where the broken link is. I didn't know my contact form had stopped working (hats off to those who found the previous form and contacted me), though that has been fixed.

I've updated the blogroll a bit and need to do it further. I am LONG overdue to add Southeast Shootout and Jasper's Rink to the blogroll. Bolts Blog has also been added with a few post-lockout blogs that fizzled out taken off. I'll be going through the link network to see if everyone else is still up and running. Meanwhile I'd like to introduce Steve Lepore's Battle of New York, Steve Perkins View From A Monster Seat, Palmball, and Kevin Floyd's new Lightning message board Thunderdome News.

Anyone else I've skipped, lacked the kindness to link back to and all that jazz?