More on Gauthier/Lecavalier

Dave at the Ice Block takes on Lecavalier mixing it up with Denis Gauthier last night.

So what came of all that? Lecavalier picked up 27 penalty minutes. A fighting major accompanied by an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct. For Gauthier? Nothing.Following Colin Campbell’s previous rulings, I don’t expect Lecavalier to be suspended. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gauthier was. While it wasn’t Hunter-Turgeon (see Hunter’s Wikipedia entry for the reference), it was late and Gauthier doesn’t have the cleanest reputation.

There was more on this throughout the media but I'm skipping it... Torts defends Vinny, Torts stands up for Kubina and is proud of both of these guys for bing willing to step up when challenged physically... Which is something that has been lacking all season long witht he Lightning. If one can recall, there was a little incident in LA in January that put the Lightning back in contention... This team needs to be more willing to acknowledge it's physical side on ice -- it seems to pay off (just in the wrong way in this case if Lecavalier does indeed get a suspension).