More Suck-age

I like blasting the Devil Rays and this post will be no exception.

Sports Illustrated throws out sympathy towards Lou Pinella in this week's "Scorecard." When asked how he and Lou happen to work together ont eh roster, Vince Naimoli was quoted as saying - "I have no comment" before hanging up on the Sports Illustrated Reporter. Nice PR move, Vince. Sorry, no link cuz the story is in the print edition that goes on sale next week.

And in another not-so-big-a-deal PR blunder.... Doesn't it pay to have current pictures of yoru team and your stadium as part of yoru marketing campaign? Why in heaven's name are the Rays employing a picture from their first season as part of a marketing cmapaign? Oh wait, I think I got it - it was the last time they actually encouraged anyoen to want to attend this mess.