Needs for Game Four

Short list of needs for Tampa Bay and one immense need for Calgary:

For Tampa Bay -- they need a better adjustment to the altitude. I saw them get sapped in the second half of the game and it seems that the altitude took it's toll. Last time they were in Alberta they played Edmonton close before going to Calgary and taking it to the Flames and outclassing them on ice.

They also need a good attitude -- positive attitude and a sense of urgency.

Meanwhile... Calgary? You need some originality boys.... I heard of this wide open system with an aggressive forecheck... I see clutching, grabbing, and the trap being employed. Certain people (aka Keith here at Boltsmag ) contends that this isn't the trap and is just aggressive defense... It's odd when I hear "Trap" from several Calgary fans (Usenet newsgroups) and I hear "Aggressive defense" from others.

Oh, one last need in the originality department from Calgary: A better guy to psyche the crowd. Bill Goldberg? He's not a Calgarian, he's an American. What's worse is he lives in Tampa... If you are going to have a wrestler psyche the crowd -- get a local hero like Bret Hart to do it. If he can't (due to his medical condition) then there are plenty of other Albertans and Calgarians to use instead of asking guys with absolutely no local connection to do it.

That's the reason Hulk Hogan is doing it in Tampa -- Tampa resident (born and raised, and still residing here).... He's a local asset.