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NHL Statistics and Analytics

Less Lightning centric coverage! Now with Oxyclean fresh™!

Around the East: Who’s ready for Tampa Bay vs. Toronto?

Goalies are showing just how important they are in the NHL.

Tampa Bay Lightning ten-game report: another November reign

The Bolts are the best team in the league through thirty games.

The Atlantic Division: Comparing each team to how they played last year

From the much-improved Sabres to the not-so-improved Red Wings

Tampa Bay Lightning 10 Game Report: The stars need to catch up to the depth

Who’s driving the bus so far? Not who you’d expect.

Around the East: Pittsburgh falls far and makes a trade

and a slow week in Tampa Bay sees the Leafs hot on the Bolts tails.

Brayden Point’s power play output is weirdly bad for such a good player

We dove into the stats to figure out why.

Tampa Bay Lightning Ten Game Report: A solid start to a long season

Seven wins in ten games and playing well.

Let’s go streaking: The Lightning’s recent penalty kill success

The Bolts killed 28 consecutive penalties to start the season.

Around the East: the New Jersey Devils are the hottest team in the league

And the Tampa Bay Lightning are near the top of the league, never mind games played.

Mikhail Sergachev, Ryan McDonagh, and the Lightning power play

Who should run the second unit?

Comparing Vlad Namestnikov and JT Miller since the trade

These two players have reversed fortunes.

How meaningless is preseason hockey? Very! And I can prove it

Do not read this article. It’s bad.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2018-2019 season preview: The top six forwards

The top six is set. The question is how far they can carry this team.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2018-2019 season preview: The goalies

Andrei Vasilevskiy looks to take the next step

A different approach to ranking NHL teams by their under-23 players

How about we blend scouting info and statistics to rank teams by their young players and prospects?

Steven Stamkos’ evolution from a pure shooter to a playmaker

Stammer is passing more. And it’s working for him.

10 Things We Want to See Next Season #7: Nikita Kucherov winning a trophy

Kuch deserves to be recognized as one of hockey’s best.

Ten Things We Want to See Next Season #4: More Minutes for Mikhail Sergachev

Mikhail Sergachev is ready for a top four role

Talent drains: The worst summers in recent NHL free agency

The Sens are poised to lose a ton of talent in the summer of 2019.

HockeyDB’s Best Players Drafted by Draft Position: how do the Lightning stack up?

We used HockeyDB’s tool to figure out who ranks best in each draft position for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Realistic expectations for Slater Koekkoek heading into 2018-2019

What should we expect from the former 10th-overall pick?

JT Miller’s new contract isn’t a problem for the Tampa Bay Lightning...yet

JT Miller re-signed with the Lightning and reactions were...mixed? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Tampa Bay Lightning player grades: Goalie grades by the Raw Charge community

I didn’t give Vasy an A. Please don’t yell at me.

Tampa Bay Lightning player grades: Defender grades by the Raw Charge community

The Lightning carried nine defenders last year. That won’t continue.

Tampa Bay Lightning player grades: Bottom-seven forward grades by the Raw Charge community

Yanni Gourde is the highest-rated forward in the bottom seven.

Tampa Bay Lightning player grades: Top six forward grades by the Raw Charge community

Brayden Point scored the highest of any player in our player grades this year.

This Isn’t 2016: Comparing the Tampa Bay Lightning’s last two Eastern Conference Finals

The 2018 Lightning aren’t the 2016 Lightning. And the 2018 Caps aren’t the 2016 Pens.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Washington Capitals: NHL Eastern Conference Final Preview

Two teams with a surplus of skill.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Boston Bruins: Round 2 analytics preview

Lightning vs. Bruins. Here we go...again.

An analytical preview of the Devils-Lightning series

After getting swept in the season series, Tampa looks for better results against New Jersey.

Tampa Bay Lightning Ten-Game Report: Here come the playoffs

80 games down, only two to go.

Trophy Time: Hot taeks on the Hart and Norris

Unpopular but correct picks for the Hart and Norris