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NHL Statistics and Analytics

Less Lightning centric coverage! Now with Oxyclean fresh™!

Tampa Bay Lightning 10 Game Report: Slogging through the doldrums

The Lightning continue to look average through February

Tampa Bay Lightning ten-game report: The Bolts hit a rough patch

After a dominant stretch, the Lightning look mortal again.

Tampa Bay Lightning Ten Game Report: Starting to think this team might be good

The Lightning’s stats profile continues to be among the best in the league.

Tampa Bay Lightning ten-game stats report: keep doing what you’re doing

The Lightning are playing like one of the best teams in the NHL.

Tampa Bay Lightning ten-game report: It’s better to be good than lucky

After 20 games, the Tampa Lightning look like a contender in the Eastern Conference.

Tampa Bay Lightning ten-game stats report: Team and skater performance so far

The Tampa Lightning are off to a hot start and we look at the statistics driving those results.

Hear me out: J.T. Brown should get a chance on the third line

A look at the evolution of J.T. Brown’s game and why he might be a fit on Tampa’s third line.

The Mikhail Sergachev Decision: How the Lightning will decide where he plays this season

These are the factors the Lightning will weigh to determine where Mikhail Sergachev will play this season.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2017-2018 team points projections

Projections for the 2017-18 Lightning seasons according to three different models.

Hockey Graphs launches a mentorship program

Hockey Graphs is pairing people interested in hockey analytics with mentors to help them get started.

Hockey PDOcast talks with @loserpoints about the Tampa Bay Lightning

Today, Alan appeared on the Hockey PDOCast to talk Tampa Bay Lightning.

Top 25 Under 25, #4: You don’t appreciate Vladislav Namestnikov enough — yes, you specifically

Vladislav Namestnikov is a unique player who fills a vital role for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Tampa Bay Lightning should not sign Dan Girardi, Steve Yzerman, please no

The Lightning are reportedly interested in signing Dan Girardi and they should not be interested in that.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2016-2017 player evaluations: Forwards, part 1

With the season over, it’s time to review each player’s individual performance. This piece looks at the top half of the Lightning’s forward group.

Optimizing the Tampa Bay Lightning lineup using player types

Ryan Stimson’s work on player types allows us to learn more about how to optimize the Lighting’s lineup.

Zone exit data suggests some issues with Lightning defenders

The Lightning have underachieved for most of the season for a variety of reasons. One particular problem area has been defensive zone exits.

Team Report: Season of mediocrity continues

With the trade deadline less than a month away, the Lightning still sit outside of the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Lightning Team Report: Analytics show a few bright spots

The Lightning are still out of a playoff spot but despite that, a couple of bright spots persist in an otherwise difficult season.

Koekkoek in Syracuse means we need to talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning’s defensive pairings

On Tuesday, the Lightning reassigned defender Slater Koekkoek to Syracuse, showing that they are struggling to figure out how to best design their defensive pairings.

The case for trading Filppula: Now is the time to sell high

Valtteri Filppula is scoring at a near career-high pace. Is this a temporary run of good luck or a sign of a resurgence?

Bolts’ December doldrums: How does it compare to last December?

Is this the same story as last year or is this something new and different?

Tampa Bay Lightning Bi-Weekly Report: Not mediocre, but not in a good way

After another two weeks of below-league-average play, the Lightning are now in the bottom third of all NHL teams in 5v5 performance.

SHOOOOOOOOT!!!!! Feat. The Overpassers

Fans often wish players would shoot more and accuse players of “overpassing.” But does encouraging players to be more direct actually make sense?

Tampa Bay Lightning Weekly Report: Still Mediocre

A little over four weeks into the season, the Lightning are still playing like a mediocre hockey team.

Tampa Bay Lightning Weekly Report: The first three weeks

In this week’s report, the Lightning look surprisingly average at 5v5 but are one of the best teams in the NHL at special teams play.

Measuring Lightning Players by Goals Above Replacement (GAR)

A quick look at the Lightning using the new GAR metric.

Analytics suggest Lightning should dress seven defenders

Fans question why the Bolts are choosing to play Nikita Nesterov ahead of Slater Koekkoek. But numbers show that both defenders should be in the lineup.

Weighted shots for Tampa Bay Lightning individual players and duos

A look at how frequently Lightning players contribute to dangerous shots individually and in tandem.

Lightning Year-End Review: Defenders

A numbers-based look at the defenders for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2015-2016 NHL season.

Lightning Year-End Review: Bottom Six Forwards

A numbers-based look at the bottom six forwards plus two bonus young guns for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2015-2016 NHL season.

Lightning Year-End Review: Top Six Forwards

A numbers-based look at the top six forwards for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2015-2016 NHL season.

Shot Metrics Through Three Games of the ECF

The shot metrics heavily favor the Penguins thus far in the ECF.