NHL Draft Lottery Open Thread - Tampa's picking 2nd

Verus (by way of TSN thru the National Hockey League in cooperation with the NHLPA and several other ridiculous acryonyms) presents the 2009 National Hockey League Draft Lottery...  Where teams have a 50-50 chance of "winning", but with only a 10 percent chance of that.

The percentage chance of being selected in the lottery is as follows, based on team finish:

  • N.Y. Islanders: 25%
  • Tampa Bay: 18.8%
  • Colorado: 14.2%
  • Atlanta: 10.7%
  • Los Angeles: 8.1%
  • Phoenix: 6.2%
  • Toronto: 4.7%
  • Dallas: 3.6%
  • Ottawa: 2.7%
  • Edmonton: 2.1%
  • Nashville: 1.5%
  • Minnesota: 1.1%
  • Buffalo: 0.8%
  • Florida: 0.5%/

UPDATED:  Tampa Bay has drawn the 2nd selection in the Entry Draft.  The top five slots were unaffected by the draft lottery gimmick.

This is an open comment thread...  Leaving remarks in general is allowed here as well as remarking about the draft, the lottery, the prospects and the playoffs.