NHL gets "Stern" talking to

When you are being poo-pooed by David Stern, you know you are nearing the lowest point you can go:

"It's a big waste of a lot of human capital and a lot of money," he said. "Eventually, I hope, they'll work it out."Stern cites the 1998 NBA lockout and the need for a system change. If one recalls, the Players Union basically folded under the pressure from within and caved. It was a big triumh for NBA owners.

$400 Million dollars in salaries were lost by players during that work stoppage. We're far above that in the current NHL work stoppage, and that number will grow even when a deal is reached because of ill long term effects on the game that will hinder player payroll.

High tide raises all boats, and the NHL -- with great thanks to Bob Goodenow -- is one fast sinking ship.