NHL Incorporated

Brett Mirtle was the first blogger to report on the offer made to the NHL -- a 3.5 Billion dollar buyout for all 30 teams and the league.

Jes gets into how this offer could work in the NHL's favor - solidifying the sport instead of letting owners divide it.

And while wha Jes says makes sense -- the could accomplish teh same thing in this sport if owners of the 30 franchises were committed to the league isntead of there own personal profits. MLB is in a similar situation -- why not collect the haves and have-nots revune, divide it equally and raise all ships instead of just the fortunate franchises? Personal greed is what keeps that from happening and if there was ONE owner of the NHL instead of 30 - then a more unified league could indeed happen.... If there were future owners, it woudl be part of a partnership under the NHL moniker instead of competing financially under the NHL banner.

It won't happen though, but it's worth a thought.