NHL Trade Deadline 2017: Tampa Bay Lightning send Mark Streit to Pittsburgh Penguins for a fourth-round pick

Steve Yzerman isn’t done! One more trade to get to!

Immediately after acquiring Mark Streit in a trade for Valtteri Filppula, General Manager Steve Yzerman has flipped Streit to the Pittsburgh Penguins. In return, the Tampa Bay Lightning received a 2018 fourth-round pick from the Penguins.

The Lightning will also retain 50% of the $5 million of Streit’s remaining salary cap hit that Philadelphia didn’t retain, which is about $550,000. This gives the Lightning even more buffer on potential bonuses at the end of the year.

Yzerman traded away a 2017 fourth-round pick to Philadelphia in the Filppula trade and now have acquired another fourth-round pick to replace it, except for a year later. Not only has Yzerman moved Filppula’s contract, he’s basically done it for free. The only resource he is set to lose is a conditional seventh-round pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The conditions for that pick are currently unknown.

These two trades connected are now a SUPER WIN for Yzerman, whereas it was just a WIN before.

Yzerman is a Jedi and he continues to prove how adept he is at maneuvering assets and contracts and handling other general managers around the league. So long Mark Streit! You will join Lightning great Sam Gagner and Kyle Quincey in the Tampa Bay Lightning Hall Of Flips.