NHLPA All Stars or the Tampa Bay Lightning with Scabs?

What would you rather pay for? NHLPA all Star games or NHL games with replacement players?

It's a real interesting question to talk about and by that thread that I have linked to, some fo the discussion is really worthwhile and some of it is really short, blunt and closed minded.

The player quality is in quesiton if you go to see scabs but then again? Aren't you a fan of yoru franchise more than your players?

How much passion would be shown on ice by replacements compared to an NHLPA all star team that is just going through the motions in a hands-off style? "Can't risk injury, we still have the NHL to go back to once they get this business stuff sorted out."

Just what would you be willing to pay for and watch -- scabs in the NHL or the NHL quality players playing exhibition?