NHLPA to meet next week

From TSN.ca

``The NHLPA has scheduled a meeting with all player representatives on Nov. 2 in Toronto as part of our ongoing information updates during the owners' lockout,'' senior director Ted Saskin said Thursday.

Players are given daily updates through a secure website but this will be a chance for the 30 reps to hear directly from executive director Bob Goodenow and then relay the latest to their teammates. The third of 13 paycheques goes by the wayside Nov. 1 so players may need to be reassured of the union's plan of attack.

Not to seem overly cynical but I feel like I already know the minutes of this meeting....

Goodenow: All right, shut the hell up. Just.. just... Just get your teamates to shut the hell up ok? I mean seriously - shut them the hell up. I mean, if you have to RIP THEIR GOD DAMN THROATS OUT, SHUT THEM THE HELL UP!!! This is about MONEY people! Money is thicker than Ice and we god damned deserve the green stuff and these whiny shits who actually want to PLAY a god damned game are fucking up the works!

You hear me?!? Shut them the hell up! Because if we keep allowing the Madden's, the Kolnik's the Ference's of the league to mouth off, we might actually have someone who means something to the game mouth off about it! There is NO fucking chance I am going to let an Ignila, or Lecavalier, or Tanguay say "I want to play in the NHL again and it's time to get back to the bargaining table."

Mighty strong message to give to the players, Bob... Mighty strong message indeed. :tongue

EDIT: It would seem a high-level player has already mouthed off and I missed the news... Off-Wing Opinion, however, didn't...