Nix Vaclav

Damian Cristordero reports in the Times today that the Lightning and Ducks aren't going to be dealing unless Anaheim falters and is out of the race by Tuesday, and the Lightning either pick up a portion of Vaclav's signing bonus from this off season along with trading an untouchable prospect...

Chalk that deal up as a big "thanks but no thanks."

There is still rumblings among the fanbase that the Lightning will bring in top players on D or on O to bolster the team, but I write that speculation up as a form of panic button pushing. It's the same type of panic-button-[ushing going on with other contending teams when they see the deals other contenders are making as of late.

Fact is, the Lightning have been scoring like gangbusters with the offensive unit they have as is -- an upgrade is a luxury and shouldn't be done at a high cost. The defense, while not full of marquee players, is formidable enough.

Expect minor moves if any from Feaster and a lot of bitching among certain members of the fanbase because -- well, it's a chronic thing they do with trades. They hate them, they thought another player would have been a better fit, they think Feaster is a fool, think Bill Davidson is cheap, the Times Palace is in a rotten location, etc, etc, etc... :rolleyes