"No, Oren, I am your father..."

You know, I get a real kick out of the Lightning's alternate duds. No joke, I really like the blue, I really like the sleeves and the hem stripes... The only thing I truly didn't ever like when I saw them was the team nickname across the chest:

But still, something's been bugging the crap out of me for years about the Lightning and the new logo -- the font. The nearest variant that I could find to the logo text of the standard team logo was a font called Star Jedi. I think everyone knows that little movie that it's based off of.

Well, what do you know... 10 minutes of fooling around with an image editing program and that crest? Replicated. Sure, there are differences (the S) but it's too close for comfort:

There's no denying the jersey is sharp though, regardless of the sourcing of the fonts employed by the designers. I just found it funny which standard font face out there recreates the look.