Norfolk Admirals, NHL playoffs open thread: Friday, April 20

Some good action on tap tonight.

  • The Norfolk Admirals take on the Manchester Monarchs (affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings) at 7:30pm ET at Norfolk Scope Arena. This quarterfinals round of the AHL Calder Cup playoffs is a best of five series. As you are likely aware by now, the Ads ended the regular season with 28 wins in a row. For more about the Ads' series with the Monarchs, check out the series preview at the Lightning team website or this one (including the series schedule) at the Admirals team website. Radio at and online video at AHL Live.
  • The Philadelphia Flyers return to Pittsburgh following a 10-3 drubbing on Wednesday, but the Penguins are still on the brink of elimination. Although the Pens looked like they were starting to get it together in that last game, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen now. Game is at 7:30om ET on NBCSN. preview.
  • The Detroit Red Wings also face elimination at the hands of the Nashville Predators, who--believe it or not--still haven't switched into their highest gear. They should think about doing that, since the Wings are a damn good hockey team that isn't going to just lie down and die, and it's really a bad idea to expect the goaltender to make up for all your mistakes. It's possible that Treebeard, a.k.a. Hal Gill could come back this game. I'm sure that ping-pong tables were made available to the visiting Red Wings. Game is at 8:00pm ET on CNBC. preview.