Now where was I?

I'm not fresh up on things, and I'm not sure how much I will be blogging the next several day sbut I do want to announce I'm back around. I've been home since Monday afternoon (and I can tell you that it wasn't too soon to be discharged too) but haven't been "with it" enough to post or even bring myself to read up on things such as Marty receiving an A, Gary Shelton warning Doug Maclean, etc..

As I put it when I emailed with my friend Ski from Best Bucs Blog, I'll "try to put my head back on straight" and see about getting back into things. Much thanks goes out to friends from online in general and the local and national blogosphere -- I greatly appreciate the well wishes and they helped overall.

I'll leave you guys with this side-note: I've been told Lightning officials have been trying to subtly drop the notion in the media that the alleged new logo that has made it's rounds online isn't real. We're a week away from finding out if this is the truth of not.