Off Topic: Hurricane Katrina

A few days ago it was just a mess of storms in the Bahamas with some rotation. Then it quickly developed into a tropical disturbance and tropical storm, making hurricane strength by the time it made landfall in south Florida. Hurricane Katrina, as of five days ago, wasn't supposed to have much of a future.

Storm tracks had the system skirting up the west Florida coast and effecting the eastern seaboard. We, here in Tampa Bay, were in for rain and some constant wind and the northern Gulf coast was in for the brunt of whatever Katrina became.

Well, after it broke away from South Florida, Katrina did some soul searching and didn't like that future... No... She wanted to make a name for herself and by god, she has...

After a south turn and some slowing, she has bloomed, blossomed and become a mega storm that the phrase "Worst Case Scenario" is associated with. Hurricane Katrina, as of this post, is packing 175 Mile Per Hour Winds (281 KPH) and heading dead on for New Orleans, Louisiana.

My thoughts are with those preparing to do battle with the storm -- this is something that happens rarely and unfortunately, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will be the ones to prove the point what Hurricanes are capable of.


Katrina is one hellacious bitch that is not going to be happy until she makes a name for herself -- and takes as many lives away in the process.

EDIT: This is a LIVE FEED OF NEW ORLEANS TV Being streamed online. You'll get pictures and reports from Louisana where they are facing the imminent danger head on