Off Topic: Raw Charge staff increases by three

It's a cruel disregard that we haven't given shout-outs to some of the contributors who have partaken on the front page of Raw Charge... Sometimes we don't because the posts are from promoted FanPosts and not new staff.

But we have added a few people to the site staff over the last few weeks. They're Lightning writers, all, and have their own sites to crow about, and their own contributions that they've been making and will be makign to Raw Charge in the future:

  • Dani Toth -- formerly known on here as Vancity Canuck, she's been around Raw Charge since the very beginning. While she writes mostly at The Hockey Bay Blog, Dani will be posting on occasion here at Raw Charge. She had made a couple of posts about the Olympics, and do keep an eye out for World Championships coverage from her and Cassie McClellan in the future.
  • Nolan Whyte -- Author of Frozen Sheets Hockey, we love his writing over there and look forward to Nolan posting once a week (or so) with his wit, wisdom and observations about the team.
  • Meredith Qualls (aka Lovingthelightning ) -- Meredith, who has been writing at Loving the Lightning since earlier this year, 's covered the last two "Lightning Unplugged" events and has agreed to cover more Bolt-related events in person for us.

So here's the formal welcome aboard!