Off Topic: blogroll

We've been up and running here at Raw Charge for nearing three weeks...  Hopefully readers have taken note of our blog roll on the site.

It's mostly the same links that had been in place on my old site, with a few additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions (square rooting a blog roll is next to impossible).  That being said, I'm invoking the blog roll in this post and asking those who have links to Boltsmag to please update them to link to Raw Charge instead.



Lightning Affiliates

Hockey Blogs

Tampa Bay Hockey

Tampa Bay Blogs

Other Sites

Sidenote to my brethren here at SB Nation: I know most of you are not included on this list, but I am planning SBNation Hockey blogroll link for everyone here to use.

And for those interested in exchanging links with Raw Charge, I invite you to send me a message through the Boltsmag contact form.