old standard, new look

Red Tide News has been a local source for football, snark and satire regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL. It's undergone lots of changes over the years (along with quite a few missing-in-action periods where the site founder goes... well, MIA) but it's still out there on them fancy fangled intertubes. Recently re-designed (and if you'd like to check out previous designs and previous stories, use the Way Back Machine) and relaunched, the local granddaddy of blogs and sports satire mainstay remains a standard for hilarity.

Since 1999, Red Tide News has been one of many, many destinations on the Internets. Once a powerful beacon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer hooligan scene, RTN has over the years transformed into a somewhat less-powerful beacon for sports fans in Tampa Bay, bored cubicle-workers in Tampa Bay, and confused marine biologists looking for information about the algal bloom commonly referred to as red tide.You can read more on the About page or perhaps you can just dive in and check things out yourself. There isn't so much right now, but that's due to the switch over.