Open Mouth, Insert Foot

From 620 WDAE

In an effort to try and create even more atmosphere at the St. Pete Times Forum, and maybe to try and trump the sea of red at Calgary's Saddledome, the Lightning announced on Wednesday that Game 5 will be a "White Out" at the Forum. Every fan attending the game will receive a "White Out" T-shirt compliments of Bright House Networks.

All right, I admit it - I've stuck my foot in my mouth and of course Keith is already giving me shit with regards to this.

You see, a couple of weeks ago for all you non-regular readers, Keith had brought up the un-originality of the "Orange Crush" that Philadelphia employed during games at the Wachovia Center.

I went along with it, in fact I ridiculed Philly pretty bad for lack of support of the Orange Crush concept and how the team had to give out shirts.

Now the Lightning are doing it -- which is imitating countless franchises before us that have imitated Calgary's "C of Red". That's pretty sad. :mad I apologize for criticizing Philly - as we have now sunk to your level :-p ;-)