Over Extended


Los Angeles seems to have everything a marketing executive could want. It's big (metro population: 17.5 million) and loaded (combined annual income: almost $600 billion). But it doesn't have pro football.

It should, though. Los Angeles is the most attractive place in America to put a new professional sports team, specifically a National Football League team, as determined by a Bizjournals.com study.

Tampa-St. Petersburg, on the other hand, is the most overextended sports market, according to the study. The total amount of personal income the region generates is inadequate for its current teams, let alone any new ones
It's the Tampa/St. Pete part of this story that has my attention.

The Tampa Bay Metro population has little to no disposable income while housing costs and transporation costs skyrocket. State and local leaders trumpet how well the state of Florida is doing with job growth but alas - wages are largely stagnant and jobs offered larely are not those one would make a career out of.

Of course, this isn't saying you should expect the Lightning, Buccaneers, Devil Rays or Storm to jump ship out of town for a more favorable market - if there is one thing the Tampa Bay region has shown it's willing to spend on - it's sports. This is just saying don't expect those rumors of the Magic moving to Tampa to come true... Or rumors about the National Lacross League expanding to Tampa.

(Originally mentioned in a post by Tommy at Sticks of Fire)