Payday for Sarich

Corey Sarich has taken his lumps for the Lightning -- both on ice and from criticism by way of the fans. Now Sarich will be taking a $3.72-Million-Dollars-a-year-for-the-next-five-years lump and depositing it in his bank account as he leaves the Lightning for the Calgary Flames.

I don't feel as if Sarich has played his A-game for the Lightning the past two seasons. I don't know if I should put blame on the system, on the NHL rule changes or the man himself but it's moot now. He's gone to join former Bolts Roman Hamrlik and Adrian Aucoin on defense (among other former Lightning players on the Flames current roster -- hello Daymond Lankgow).

It also opens up the questions on defense and presses the need to re-sign RFA Paul Ranger to preserve the teams top-four (unless Jay Feaster is planning to make a run at a top tier FA defensiveman).

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