Perrin and Willis forced out

With little opportunity to make the roster and with little desire to make $75k in the AHL, Eric Perrin and Shane Willis are exploring opportunities to play in Europe.

This is disappointing in many ways - the lack of depth created by this is the first thing to be disappointed about. The loss of opportunity to see if Eric can bud into a player anywhere near the caliber of his former linemate, Martin St. Louis, is another. Shane Willis hasn't been the same since a concussion early in his career but it woudl be nice to see him finally overcome that and get back into the NHL.

I think Feaster ought to do these guys a service and trade their rights to a team insterested in having them on their roster at the NHL level. It'd be a pain to play against them but they've earned their right to continue on at the NHL level, even if it's not with the Lightning.