Peter Holland handed $3,611.11 fine for punch to Palat


The Department of Player Safety was just as displeased by Peter Holland's sucker-punch of Ondrej Palat as Lightning fans were.

Holland's punch came during the Arizona-Tampa game this past Saturday night. In the middle of the second, Palat threw his shoulder into Holland, sending him into the boards. Holland did not like the hit, and got up from the boards to skate over to Palat, immediately looking for an altercation.

A scrum followed, after which the referee assessed Holland a four-minute penalty for roughing. The Bolts were unable to capitalize on the power play opportunity, and the result is well-known, but at least one good thing came of it.

Three days after the game, DPOS handed Holland the maximum fine allowed by the CBA for the punch on the unsuspecting Palat, $3,611.11:

Sportsnet has extended video of the hit.