Phil Sauve?

Mike Chen writes that the Lightning ought to take a chance on waived Flames goaltender Phil Sauve:

Now, I haven't seen much of Sauve this season so I really don't know much about him besides his reputation. But if I'm Tampa GM Jay Feaster, I'm picking the kid up right away just because of his potential upside. Let's face it, even if John Grahame stays solid for the rest of the season, it won't be hard for a hotshot rookie to push him out of the starting position.Myy thought is that Feaster will pass -- mostly because he respects Sutter and knows that if Daryl had problems with Phil, Tortorella may very well have problems as well. Is it a risk worth takign by the team? Yes... Especially with how bad the Lightning's goalie situation has been this year -- with no offense intended to Grahame and Sean Burke after their recent performances. It's Feaster's obligation to look for a long term answer between the pipes...

EDIT: Speaking of Sauve, David Singer at The Ice Block wonders about several factors surrounding the Sauve/David Aebischer incident... Like did it merrit an Instigator penalty?