Photo gallery: First half of the season for the Syracuse Crunch

Scott Thomas continues to capture amazing moments, events, and reactions.

All season long, team photographer Scott Thomas works hard to capture moments from the Syracuse Crunch’s season. Last season, I posted a long entry at the very end of things, telling the story of the season through Scott’s eyes and my words. Given the nature of the post and concerns for length, I left out shots that I really loved. This season, I decided to remedy that problem by doing multiple posts in the hopes of being able to show off more of Scott’s work in two or three separate entries than I was in one.

As always, I’d like to offer so much appreciation and gratitude to Scott for allowing us to showcase his work. We are truly fortunate to have access to such amazing shots!

10/6/18: Syracuse Crunch at Hershey Bears

Dat Smile

Last season, I had a series of “dat smile” pictures, where I felt inclined to highlight them simply because of the pure joy expressed on players’ faces. It seemed only fitting that I start of this season’s series with a similar photo, and this one of Connor Ingram seemed perfect.

Dat smile, pt 2

As of writing this, Crunch rookie Alex Barre-Boulet has 36 points (19G, 17A) in 38 games. He is 19th in the league overall in points, second among rookies in the league in points, and third on the Crunch in points. Given his success, it seemed appropriate to post this photo of his first goal celebration in a Crunch uniform.

10/13/2018: Syracuse Crunch Opening Night

Welcome back, Captain of old

I make no apologies.

Hello, captain of new

The moment captured here isn’t exactly celebratory, but, boy, does that “C” look pretty. Speaking of pretty...

Hello, pretty War Memorial

Opening Night 2018 gave Crunch fans their first look at their newly-revamped hockey arena. This photo shows off many of the highlights, including the new video board, the new ribbon lighting, and the new suites area.

10/19/2018: Syracuse Crunch at Binghamton Devils

Dat celly

Crunch veteran Andy Andreoff has been a huge part of any success Syracuse has had this season. This shot of him celebrating his first goal in a Crunch uniform just makes me happy.

Crystal clear

Danick Martel didn’t spend too long with Syracuse given the nature of his conditioning assignment, but he at least stood still long enough for Scott to get this crystal-clear photo.

10/27/2018: Happy Halloween!

Givin’ out the good stuff

It’s just so cute!

11/2-3/2018: Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators

Those faces!

Hockey can be a sport of finding the pure joy in moments of intense adrenaline. Just look at the faces of the people in the background here. Fun times, indeed.

...Those faces...

Hockey can also be a sport of moments of adrenaline-fueled flashes of anger. Like here. Poor Andreoff is having a really hard time trying to keep that nice young man from being mauled by the angry honey badger.

11/11/18: Syracuse Crunch vs. Hershey Bears

Goalie love!

The goalie tandem of Ingram and Eddie Pasquale has been one of the most successful and consistent the Crunch has seen in many seasons. Ever since Pasquale was acquired almost a year ago, the two have worked together almost flawlessly. This moment with the two of them really warmed my soul.

That guy in the back!

It might be just me, but it sure appears that Mr. Alternate Captain in the back there saw Scott taking pictures and decided to smile for the camera.

11/17/18: The Syracuse Crunch Fights Cancer

...I have this jersey and it still makes me happy

I just wanted to show off these beauties one more time. I am still so proud of how the organization handled this evening, and these lovely jerseys were truly the icing on the cake.

12/7/2018: Syracuse Crunch vs. Binghamton Devils

Snow storm!

I just love that snow spray that’s showering that Devils player. It looks like spray paint or fake snow. Just an awesome freeze frame!

12/8/18: Teddy Toss!

Goal! And the bears flew!

The Crunch’s annual teddy toss game is always a fun time. Although the outcome of the contest was ultimately disappointing, being able to celebrate a goal in this way - and for a good cause to boot - is a great experience.

12/22/18: Syracuse Crunch vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

Those background faces make it

Just look at the awe on the faces of those in the background as Carter Verhaeghe slams home this game winner. I love it.

12/28/2018: Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets


Er...looks like fun?

12/29/2018: Syracuse Crunch vs. Springfield Thunderbirds

Vets hug it out

Gotta love it when these two smile after doing something awesome together!

1/2/2019: Syracuse Crunch at Utica Comets

The Barn of thy enemy... actually pretty damn cool.

Run, Pasquale, run!

We don’t always get to see images of goalies during that frantic moment when they’re called to the bench so that an extra attacker goes out. That dash, born of desperation, is captured well here. Can you imagine sprinting in all that gear?

1/12/2019: Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets

Snow day!

I just really liked that it looked like ABB just came in from playing outside with the way the ice shavings are clinging to him here.

Seeing double

It’s not every day that brothers get to face off in this league. Talk about double vision!

1/18/19: Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators

He was angry, my friend

It seems to many that there has been a lot more face-off violations called this season than ever before. Fans and players are getting frustrated by the many officials who seem to want to play King of the Face-off Dot instead of actually getting the game moving again. Dumont’s clear anger here after one such incident reflects how a lot of us feel after the 11th player of the period and 20th or so of the game has been kicked out.

Clearly, the first half of Syracuse’s season has already created a lot of memories. Only time will tell what is in store for the farm team of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but I am thankful that we will always have Scott’s pictures to help us look back!