Photo gallery: Second half of the Syracuse Crunch season

We take a look back at the second half of the Crunch season in photos.

Back in January, we posted the first installment of this article series for the 2018-19 season. Back then, the Syracuse Crunch was in third place behind the Utica Comets and the Rochester Americans, and had just come off of a rather frustrating five-game losing streak.

The Crunch has certainly come a long way since then. This past weekend, the Crunch defeated those same Americans, clinching the North Division championship in the process and securing their place in AHL history.

Through it all, photographer Scott Thomas has continued to provide us with his signature high-quality captures. We are so grateful for his work, and hope that you will enjoy this look-back at the second half of a memorable Crunch season!

1/25/19 and 1/26/19 vs. Rochester and Springfield

ABB is short and its kind of adorable

As a person who is usually shorter than her friends, I recognized Alex Barre-Boulet’s hug position here all too well!

Cory Conacher is helpful

Clearly, Dalton Smith just had something on his face here that Conacher wanted to help him with. He’s such a nice honey badger.

Captain Dumont is angry. Again.

Gabriel Dumont has had a frustrating season and has often been exasperated with the officiating. One hopes the playoffs will be a little less stressful for him.

Eyes on that prize

I love shots like this. They’re incredible. It looks like Scott is right there next to Hubert Labrie, just casually taking pictures, but we know he isn’t. That knowledge makes shots like this even more impressive!

A game of inches

A little bit in several directions and this wouldn’t have been a goal. Alexander Volkov had a fantastic end to this season. One could think it started right here.

2/1/19 and 2/2/19 vs. Utica and Cleveland

I just like this shot

We need some simple joy. This has some simple joy.

Up and Over

There’s a lot to like about this shot, too! The effort of both players, the puck frozen in time, the weird shot Andreoff was forced to’s so neat!

2/16/19 vs. Rochester

Hello, goalpost

I can laugh about this now, but I’m pretty sure we’re lucky Conacher wasn’t hurt here. Also, Adam Wilcox’s panicked look under his mask is pretty expressive, too.


Y’all, I remember this moment, and let me tell you, it was terrifying. Ouch. Ow. Owie.

Pride Night!

Connor Ingram displayed some admirable pride during the team’s You Can Play Night.

3/1/19 vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms

Oh, my heart. My heart!

You’ve seen this before because I asked Justin to use it for that week’s Crunch Corner, but I had to include this reunion between Mike McKenna and Conacher here, too. I just had to.

That angle!

There’s just something about the angle here that captivates me.

3/15/19 and 3/16/19 vs. Hartford and Binghamton

He must have spied a pot of gold!

I mean, what else could have made him so happy? It was the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, after all.


I’m really glad everyone was okay after this, but I thought this photo was an interesting study in why hockey is so darn dangerous.


Martin Ouellette’s time in Syracuse provided some shelter from the crazy storm that was the Ingram situation. Although his time with the team was sadly cut short by injury, we certainly hope to see him again. This picture, after one of Ouellette’s wins, was just too sweet not to include.

3/30/19 vs. Utica

Wally D!

Fans were so excited to welcome Daniel Walcott back. It’s so frustrating and sad that his return has been cut short by another injury, but it’s certainly hoped he’ll be back in a Crunch uniform next season.

4/6/19 vs. Rochester


Dumont is just one of those guys where his passion and frustration comes out like a freight train sometimes. Phew.

Hidey Hole!

This is another one that I liked not so much for hockey action, but for the process of taking pictures...and being cool.

4/13/19 vs. Rochester

I just can’t put my finger on it, but something about whatever is going on here just seems odd.


This goal. This team. This moment.

The happy!