Photo gallery: Syracuse Crunch vs. Toronto Marlies, games 1 & 2

There’s no time for a proper preview today, so we’re going to distract you with pretty pictures.

Life comes at you fast. So fast, in fact, that there just wasn’t time to pull together a full preview of tonight’s North Division final game 4 match-up of the Syracuse Crunch at Toronto Marlies.

So, here’s some basic information:

  • The pre-game radio broadcast with Dan D’Uva will start at 6:45 EST on ESPN Syracuse. You can listen to the game in its entirety for free.
  • AHL Live has special playoff pricing deals for every game of the AHL playoffs, as well as team-specific packages. There’s also a pay-per-view option.
  • Be sure to follow the team on Twitter for updates if you’re away from other options./

And here’s what you came here for: gorgeous photos from our friend, Scott Thomas! These are from games 1 and 2 of this round in Syracuse.