Post game fallout

I don't care if you're projected as the star of the team or the captain of the team. I don't care if you're the grinder of the team. I don't care if you're the ice cream man. If you don't push and play with intensity, you are not going to get your ice time."
-John Tortorella, Thursday Morning Threats of lost ice time seem to be the only weapon John Tortorella has left in his arsenal for the moment... And I love that quote, by the way. Tom Jones makes the excuse for the Bolts that the Salary Cap makes it hard to trade players, but the excuse is just that - an excuse. It comes back to an old addage that Phil Esposito used to crowabout during his tenure as Lightning General Manager, "You're not just trading players, you're trading salaries."

Erik Erlendsson puts a positive spin on the breakdown last night: The team looks like it's close to getting back on track, they came back from 2 goals down for the 2nd game in a row...

I missed the fact Pavel Kubina was not out on ice last night and the Lightning were playing with five defensivemen. In that case - I really don't care how enamored with Craig and Reid Tortorella is, one or both should be sent back to Springfield and replaced by the likes of Doug O'Brien and Timo Hebling.