Yeah, I realize I've been playing the silent type during training camp. There are issues out there that any Lightning fan (hell, any hockey fan) is thirsting for more information on at the moment.

Dmitry Afanasenkov's transition from limited-time play-maker to top-line forward, Nikita Alexeev's back-to-the-states effort so far. Eric Perrin, Marc Denis, and of course Karri Ramo's goalie mask.

Yet none of the stories have had real teeth to them. In fact, there's been a lack-of-information coming out of Camp Torturella that leaves me perplexed. What's the deal with hot-shot defensive prospects Mike Egener, Matt Smaby and Andy Rogers (I'm guessing he hasn't been cleared to play -- no games to his name so far)? While you can find briefs on Filip Kuba's transition between defensive-first in Minnesota and the Lightning's system (all while recovering from hernia sugery), you can't find anything on this trio along with 2005 #1 draft pick Vladmir Mihalik.

I guess that's what Bolt Prospects is for... That or a sign that the standouts of training camp haven't been Egener, Rogers, Smaby and Mihalik.

Cuts are expected tomorrow and for all inherit purposes, you should assume they will be deep cuts -- Torts usual M.O. There will still be some hangers-on (Norm Milley, Mitch Fritz, Doug O'Brien and others) but no surprises.

For more info, make sure you check out the Bolts official Camp web site.

One other note and this has nothing to do with Lightning camp -- while I haven't been reporting much on the pre-season so far, I have been working on the next design for Boltsmag. Keep an eye out for the update soon.