Public Display of Affection planned

Our friends at have a plan of action for the (few) fans who attend May 7th's game against the Minnesota Twins May 28th's game against the Mariners:

This is an email from '' Message: Thanks to everyone for registering for the site and supporting our efforts in getting Vince Naimoli to step down as owner of the Devil Rays! The petition is still growing strong and our collective efforts have begun to make waves in the Tampa/St. Pete communities. However, we feel that we can still take it to the next level! is in the process of organizing a fan walkout during the May 7th game against the Twins May 28th game against the Mariners. We would appreciate your help to spread the word to the masses.

Now for my commentary on the entire Oust vince campaign --

This is WAY overdue. WAY, by far and away, WAY overdue. I screamed and shouted on web based message boards and mailing lists for the last few years "Where is the outcry? Where is the outrage over things?" Those "things" tended to be blunders by Chuck LaMar and the indifference fo the Rays franchise in general.

Now the tired fans are outraged. They've seen their team kicked around since the franchise was incepted and they're finally fed up with the fact those who run the franchise could give a damn. I had plans to start an anti-Chuck LaMar site but ranting the same things over and over again would have gotten very old, very fast...