Question of the Week: Brendan Shanahan and the Suspension Videos

This pre-season, I have seen more questionable hits and subsequent suspensions than I can remember in recent history. Brendan Shanahan, the new head honcho of suspension giving, aka the Senior Vice President of Player Safety, has had to hit the ground running.

In addition to replacing Colin Campbell, the NHL has Shanahan producing videos that explain why a suspension has been given out. In each video, Shanahan introduces himself, shows footage of the play being evaluated, explaining which rule was violated and citing the factors that go into the severity of the suspension. Haven't seen one yet? Click here, here or here for examples.

So this week, the question I asked was:

What are your thoughts on the Brendan Shanahan's suspensions and video explanations of the suspensions so far?

After the jump we have the answers from our crew here at Raw Charge. Please do share your take on the question in the comments.

John Fontana - Managing Editor Raw Charge

Overdue. The video explanations can be seen as unnecessary, but the clarity is greatly appreciated. It shows accountability and confidence in decisions.

The harshness of the fines and the suspensions might seem stiff, but they are necessary. You're not going to encourage people to use their heads on ice by simply slapping their wrist, or being contradictory and inconsistent with rule enforcement. You have to show there are consequences to careless actions.

It's the consequences, or the lack-there-of, under Colin Campbell, that made NHL disciplinary action the "Wheel of Justice" joke that it was.

Cassie McClellan - Managing Editor Raw Charge

After reading the Shanahan interview on Puck Daddy, I like where he's going with it. He says his goal is to make videos so that the players know what they're doing wrong, and that allowing the public to see them is intended as intentional "eavesdropping" on their conversation. That's good PR right there. But what's more, we all know what's going on. It's not just the players who have no idea, but neither do the arm chair coaches watching it on TV. It's nice that Shanahan wants everyone on the same page - GMs, coaches, players, AND fans. I hope that he's able to keep it up, and that it doesn't just disappear after a month or two.

Adam Vingan - Staff Writer / Kings of Leonsis

Brendan Shanahan's suspension videos might be one of the most innovative developments in recent professional sports. After dealing with Colin Campbell's muddled regulations, having such a decisive decision presented on video is almost a godsend. In two minutes or less, Shanahan explains what happened, why it was against the rules and what went into making the individual decision (i.e. repeat offender). He does not mince words, which leads to an informative and educational experience.
On a lighter note, Shanahan looks like he's trying out for some sort of game show. The set is very high-tech and he has the loose suit and provocative hand position down flat. I smell a series: "I'm Brendan Shanahan and it's time to play...WHEEL...OF...JUSTICE!"

Clark Brooks - Staff Writer / Ridiculously inconsistent trickle of consciousness

The biggest things you're looking for from that office is integrity and consistency. The videos lend themselves to both aspects in that it creates a level of transparency. The worst thing he could have done is issue edicts from behind the closed doors of a Manhattan office. This is the opposite of that.

So that's our staff's take on the videos, what do you think?