Question of the Week: Favorite games of Round 1

The Raw Charge "Question of the Week" is a weekly feature that poses a question to Raw Charge writers and sometimes other writers within the Boltosphere, discussing the ins and outs of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Since I follow two teams pretty consistently and am a fan of watching entertaining hockey, I could not have asked for a better first round to start off the playoffs. Some people are saying that this was the best first round of the playoffs ever. Travis Hughes of SBN even lists his five reasons why, and I have to agree with him on all his reasons. For me, in addition to the Lightning-Pens series, I also caught the Canucks-Hawks series and about 75% of the rest of the games (flipping channel back and forth with the overlapping ones).

So if I was watching this much hockey, it got me wondering if the rest of the writers here on Raw Charge were doing the same? Or am I just the only one watching ridiculous amounts?

So the question of the week is: Besides watching the Lightning/Pens series, how many other playoff series' have you caught during round 1? And which one has been your favorite so far? Why? And if you haven't watched other games, why not?

For the record, my favorite series other than the Lightning-Penguins and Canucks-Blackhawks was the one between the Sharks and the Kings. That had some fantastic hockey and kisses to the fans from Jumbo Joe.

The answers from our panel after the jump...

Cassie McClellan - Staff

I stuck with pretty much just the Rangers-Caps series during the first round, for various reasons. For one, I have friends and family who are Rangers fans. For another, there are a few ex-Lightning players (and coaches) on the Rangers. And also because I really just don't like the Caps and wanted them to fall out in the first round. After that series, I didn't really do much more than scoreboard watch and lurk on Twitter for the rest because I just wasn't interested enough in watching the other series.

Meredith Qualls - Staff

I am all Lightning this round - and let's be honest, it's largely because of the series coinciding with my last week of college! But in general, playoff love is Lightning-centric. Since I'm local, and I get to be at the games most of the time, Lightning hockey takes up all of my attention, though I get a pretty good idea of other games from scanning headlines everyday.

Matt Amos - Staff / Don't Trade Vinny

I've been really into the Canadiens-Bruins series. I've got a good friend in Montreal, and actually adopted the Canadiens last year given that they played the friendly Capitals and then my favorite team ever, the Penguins. And beat them both. I know that makes me a terrible Lightning fan to some of you, but so be it. The 18 years of pain and suffering earn me a pass.

Nolan Whyte - Staff / Frozen Sheets Hockey

The only games I've watched have been the early games in the Vancouver-Chicago series, mostly because they've been televised following the ol' Pens-Bolts battles. The games that have provided more interest and humor though, have all been in the East. While the Canucks are a twenty-man gag reel of angst and self-annihilation, as much quality ridiculousness has been pouring forth from the Philly-Buffalo series. Washington-NYR was worth it just for Gabby's lunacy.

Clark J Brooks - Staff

I'm fixated entirely on Penguins-Lightning. For one thing, I'm a hometown guy and the Lightning are the only team I follow. If they were out of it, I'd pick another team just to have a rooting interest in the playoffs but that's not a concern for the moment, For another, I tend to want to get so wrapped up in all the esoteric minutae and drama that takes place during a series that I'd drive myself nuts trying to follow more than one. I know what's going on in the other series, as far as who leads, who has advanced and who has been sent home but I really don't care what's taking place elsewhere...although I am keeping an eye on Chicago-Vancouver to see if the President's Trophy winners are going to blow a 3-0 lead to an 8th seed, but that's mostly morbid curiosity.

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