Question Of The Week: Who Are You Most (and Least) Impressed With This Season So Far?

The Tampa Bay Lightning season has gotten off to a start that is not what any Bolts fan wanted to see. After the season opening 5 game road trip the Lightning were 1-2-2 and another loss to the Panthers for the home opener has left fans grumbling and scratching their heads about just what is wrong with the Lightning.

There have been a few good plays and a lot of bad ones in this first week of the season and some of the players look like they were a bit more ready for the season to start than others, as our own Cassie McClellan pointed out in her open letter to the Tampa Bay players.

So, Lightning fans, the Question of the Week this week is this: So far in this young season, which player(s) have impressed you the most? And which player(s) have been the biggest disappointment so far?

What do you think, Lightning fans? Who are you most impressed with (or not) so far this young season? After the jump, the Raw Charge staff give their thoughts so far.

John Fontana - Managing Editor / Raw Charge

I’ve been impressed with Brett Connolly’s ascension through the Lightning lineup. He’s played everywhere and he’s making an impact everywhere. Nate Thompson seems to have picked up right where he left off last season – Textbook.

As for disappointments, I’m surprised how Dwayne Roloson has played so far this season. He has not looked the same in net. I’m also disappointed with Steve Downie. Downie seems to have fallen into the job of being the pest – but his emotions have always and will continue to get the best of him. There is so much talent there, and it seems mired in his reputation and unnecessary on-ice drama.

Dani Toth - Staff Writer / Benched Whale

I've been impressed by Connolly. He LOOKS like an NHL player in the games he's played and he's gained the confidence in Boucher to give him a try up on the first line.

As for disappointment? Roloson, Roloson and Roloson. I have already got an email from a friend complaining to me that Roloson is bringing an early death to his fantasy team so far. For the good of the team and my friends fantasy team, Roloson needs to find his game.

Clark Brooks - Staff Writer / Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness

I'll join right in with everybody else and mention Connolly as the pleasant surprise. He's definitely standing out, which is accentuated by the fact that not a lot of other guys are right now.

And I'd say it's still too early to label anybody's struggles as a disappointment. That's a term I reserve for lost causes that can't be corrected and I don't think that applies to anybody on the roster yet. But the penalty situation is a matter of concern right now. It might be different if they were getting nailed for being overly aggressive, but it's a matter of too many dumb and lazy infractions like hooking and slashing. Roloson is struggling right now (again, I'll say it's too early to use the label "disappointment") and they need to be smart enough to realize that being shorthanded all the time isn't going to help.

Matt Amos - Staff Writer / Don't Trade Vinny

So far, Marc-Andre Bergeron has impressed me. I always knew he was offensively inclined, but he's at the top of the league in defensemen in all stats right now. Not since Dan Boyle has that been true about a Lightning defender.

Disappointments? Pretty much everyone else. I'm certainly not ready to jump about this season, but it's been a pretty weak start. Or, as I like to call it "familiar."