Quick Strikes: A hockey legend hangs up her skates

A mini tribute to Haley Wickenheiser, who broke barriers in the sport.

The Bolts

Matthew Peca was sent back to Syracuse. Have the Lightning broken any record for transactions in a season yet? [Syracuse.com]

The Game

Derek Boogaard’s father Len and his battle to eradicate fighting in the NHL five years after his son’s death. [Globe and Mail]

A look into the league’s number crunchers that started with a hiring by the Maple Leafs in 2014. [New York Times]

Violent NHL mascot skit delivers a blow to league’s family-friendly image. [Chicago Tribune]

Who let the dogs out, who who... no? One day after getting traded from the Avs, Cody McLeod not only fought Jerome Iginla but scored in the win.

Speaking of the Avalance, a look into their miserable season, through the eyes of their beat reporter. [Denver Post]

Brad Marchand celebrated his 500th NHL game by scoring three points in the win over the Flyers. [Associated Press]

The Game

After putting off medical school, Canada’s all-time top scorer, Haley Wickenheiser, retires from hockey. [Toronto Star]

An open letter to Wickenheiser, for opening doors for girls in a male-dominated sport. [The Ice Garden]

Wickenheiser retired on her own terms. [TSN]

Haven’t quite heard someone call retirement both “planning your own funeral” and “graduating onto a whole other life.”