Quick strikes and links: The 2011-2012 Season is officially almost over

With the Los Angeles Kings up 3-0 in their Stanley Cup Finals series with the New Jersey Devils, the sun is very quickly setting on the NHL's 2011-2012 Season and other than those belonging to the Cup winners, all eyes will officially be on 2012-2013.

As you likely know - and given that you're reading a hockey blog in the middle of June, I'll assume you do - there are three marquee events rapidly approaching. Three events with varying degrees of importance, depending on who you root for.

The NHL Awards Ceremony is in just two weeks, June 20th, in Nevada. Steven Stamkos has made this rather important for us Tampa Bay Lightning fans, hasn't he? Turns out it's probably even more important to you if you like Vince Vaughn.

Starting just two short days later is the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. And just about a week after that wraps up, we dive into NHL Free Agency on July 1st. I don't have to tell you how important those are to the Bolts.

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