Quick Strikes: Another Lightning TV spot is revealed

So simple. So, so effective.

The Headline

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been rolling out a series of new TV spots that are incredibly simple yet incredibly effective. The spots show fans doing things that are easy to identify with - and powerfully, never once actually mention “Tampa Bay Lightning” anywhere. Yesterday’s spot was another example of this great marketing campaign.

The Bolts

Former Lightning player Andrej Sustr got an homage to his Lightning career made for him at a parking spot at East Lake High School. He showcased the artwork on his Instagram:

The Organization

Lightning prospect Mathieu Joseph is taking a stand against bullying, and asks that his fans help out:

The Syracuse Crunch is doing some kind of special secret sale today only. The details are probably on their Twitter by now. Judging by the wording, my guess is merchandise of some kind - maybe related to their upcoming 25th anniversary? - but that’s just a shot in the dark:

Speaking of the Crunch, a reminder that their annual Welcome to Town event is coming up in about a month:

The Game

Vegas Golden Knight Nate Schmidt has been suspended by the NHL.

Max Domi of the Montreal Canadiens shared a funny text on his Instagram:

If you have a subscription to The Athletic, they previewed the Habs. In essence: The Montreal Canadiens: They’re probably still gonna be bad! Hooray! [The Athletic]

As to this next tweet, I’m going to have to just quote Alan here: “So weird that Ed Sheeran is playing for two different baseball teams under an assumed name.”