Quick Strikes: Connor Ingram and Oleg Sosunov take shots at each other at Lightning Development Camp

And do you like the Reddit-made Lightning logo re-design?

The Bolts

The Tampa Bay Lightning will return to the ice this fall with pretty much the exact same roster as they left it this past spring. However, some players have signed elsewhere, Geo looks at who’s out the door. [Raw Charge]

I know that a lot of other fans feel the same way. We get attached to players when they’re here and follow them for the rest of their careers. With most of the frenzy of the 2018 NHL Free Agency period passed, it’s a good time to see where some of the Lightning’s former players signed this season.

Bryan Burns traversed into the internet in search of mailbag questions regarding the Tampa Bay Lightning. Some of the topics he addressed were who are some of the young players that can come and augment the roster, and if the defense core is good enough. [NHL dot com]

What do the Lightning need to win a Stanley Cup? Remember, they were pretty dang close last season, coming within one more win of advancing to the Cup Final after holding a 3-2 lead over Washington through five games of the Eastern Conference Final. Watching the Capitals role through expansion Vegas in five games to hoist the Cup was no doubt painful for Lightning fans in the sense one could reasonably assume the Lightning would have fared well against the Golden Knights too given how they pushed the Caps to the brink of elimination.

Reddit is having some fun with a new-look Lightning logo! Users have taken this new concept and changed colours, changed styles, talked about the old-school black jerseys. It’s a lot of fun to read. [Reddit]

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The Prospects

Dennis Yan is #19 in our Top 25 Under 25 prospect rankings. Similar to Carter Verhaeghe before him, Yan struggled with injuries all of last season. At 21-years-old, he has time, but he needs to take anstep next season to stay relevent in the organization. [Raw Charge]

His season pretty much continued like that: he’d seem to find some rhythm, but then an injury or something else, like a call-up that changed his line mates, would disrupt his flow. He’d get his footing back, but then another thing would trip him up. Clearly, his struggles this past season, although more indicative of his young career than anything else, made it difficult to place him on this countdown this summer.

The following are some really fun Development Camp videos:

First, Oleg Sosunov being a respectful, attentive young man while under the tutelage of power skating master Barb Underhill.

Then, Sosunov makes another appearance in Connor Ingram’s mic’d up when the two get into a...skirmish.

The Game

Contract details are hard. Thankfully, there are several professional lawyers on the Pension Plan Puppets staff. Katya is not one of them (we think) but she still did an excellent job breaking down signing and performance bonuses for entry-level and 35+ players and how it affects the cap. Need help understanding how putting Ryan Callahan on LTIR help, she’s got you too. [Pension Plan Puppets]

When teams exceed the upper limit by using the pool of salary space created by players on LTIR, they must consider the potential bonuses on a player’s contract when adding them to the roster by using the LTIR pool.

Last season, the Leafs had several players in the AHL with max ELCs and $850,000 in potential performance bonuses. Those players used $1,775,000 of the LTIR pool when called up, not the $925,000 cap hit we are used to thinking about.

Judging by what happened this summer, the next off-season might be when the Pittsburgh Penguins blow up their current itteration of the squad. [Pensburgh]

Under the current salary cap, the Penguins would have about $14.1 million dollars to sign 6 forwards, 1 extra defensemen and a backup goalie. Most of those forwards presumably would be coming in for relatively cheap prices to round out the lower lines. Also, the salary cap historically has risen slightly every season, so it’s probably fair to assume the Pens will even have a little more wiggle room, though likely not a huge amount can be counted on in the form of a raise of the upper limit of the cap.