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Quick Strikes for Friday, November 14

  • The Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray told TSN that he has incurable Stage 4 colon cancer. Best of luck, sir. We hope you can stick around for a while longer, too. [TSN Video]
  • Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Olli Maatta rejoined the team 10 days after having a cancerous tumor removed from his thyroid. He was skating with the team for practice today, and is expected to have a full recovery. The team expects him back in the lineup likely within the next week. [Pittsburgh Penguins]
  • Looks like the Minnesota Wild may have the mumps. The Tampa Bay Lightning played there on October 25th, so they should be safe. The Center for Disease Control says that it takes 16-18 days for mumps to incubate, and it’s been 19 days since the team was there. Fingers crossed! [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
  • However, a couple of the Anaheim Ducks have had mumps this season, too…. [Helene Elliot on Twitter]
  • Most of this goes way over my head, but here’s a discussion about consolidating fancy stats and simplifying things down to just Corsi. I think. Someone read through this and explain it to me later, okay? Wait – Clare did that already. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Maybe this is just me, but didn’t they start the mass produced ugly sports sweater phenomenon? The NHL was the first ones that I saw, anyways. [Global News]
  • Surprise, surprise. The Colorado Avalanche want to host an outdoor game. What’s yet another outdoor NHL game among friends, right? [Denver Post]
  • The NHL has found the chosen ones to bring more hockey to another oasis in the desert. Though, why commissioner Gary Bettman would think the Maloof family to be an excellent choice of owners in Las Vegas is beyond me. Apparently, he doesn’t follow the NBA anymore. [CBC Sports]
  • Tanner Richard is making some noise in Syracuse. And spending a lot of time in the penalty box. He’s currently got 32 PIMs in 13 games. [Syracuse.com]

The Lightning have worn three alternate uniforms in franchise history. Which is your favorite?

1st – “Rain Storm” 29
2nd – Blue, piped “BOLTS” 22
3rd – Black “BOLTS” 51

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