Quick Strikes for Sunday, October 12

In this Sunday edition of Quick Strikes, we have some satire, some poetry, a podcast, and news...mostly news, though.

  • After all of the dramatics of the 2013 offseason - and finding out that the then Coyotes were almost moved to Seattle - this happens. Don't get rid of those hockey boards for Key Arena just yet, Emerald City. [Arizona Coyotes]
  • The CBC had Hockey Night in Canada for 62 years, but Rogers-Sportsnet beat them out and now have it for the next 12 years due to arrogance, self-delusion, and egotism by the CBC. Here's the pieced-together sordid play-by-play of a failed negotiation. [The Globe & Mail]
  • SATIRE ALERT! If your team lost its first game this season, well, it's time to pack it in. It won't get any better. Take consolation in the thought that the draft is only eight months away. [2 Pad Stack]
  • There's been some controversy about Chris Pronger being hired by the NHL's Department of Player Safety, but maybe it's not such a bad idea. I mean, the guy's already used to being hated, and he's broken most of the NHL's rules on the ice as well. It could actually work out. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Fighting has gradually been reduced in hockey, but Brian Burke doesn't believe that's a good thing. Because, you know, guys sitting in the penalty box or being ejected for fighting have always won teams games, right? #moargoalz [Vancouver Sun]
  • As Raw Charge's Clare Austin mentioned when providing this link, this is a little Buzzfeed-ish, but their hearts are in the right place. The NHL sponsoring an a women's professional league, like the NBA does for the WNBA, is a great idea in theory. [Women Talk Sports]
  • Is allowing female Olympic hockey players a chance to skate with NHL teams at practice nothing but a big tease for little girls? I'm not sure, but one blogger seems to think so. [High Heels & Hockey Sticks]
  • Speaking of women and hockey, three ladies discuss women creating a greater role for themselves in the mostly male hockey landscape. This is in honor of the International Ice Hockey Federation's (IIHF) Girls' Hockey Weekend. [Hockey in Society]
  • Shameless plug 1: From Allokago's Syracuse Crunch blog, the Crunch have created a new club area for full season ticket holders. We breathlessly await the review, as their first home game was last night. [Chairman How's Glorious Army]
  • ...and the Crunch fell 3-1 to the Springfield Falcons. [Syracuse.com]
  • Shameless plug #2: Because some things are just better in verse. Like Tampa Bay Lightning game recaps. Nolan Whyte shows us the joy that has been missing in our lives. [Frozen Sheets Hockey]
  • Shameless plug #3: My friend and co-host Su Ring and I have started up our fifth season of our hockey show. Here's the podcast, if you're interested. [CCPT Hockey Show]