Quick Strikes for Sunday, November 2

Syracuse Crunch forward Mike Blunden talks, two minutes for bad acting gets some attention, hockey in Spanish, Columbus tries to pick up the pieces, and Canadian teams doing things in Sunday's edition of Quick Strikes.

  • The Syracuse Crunch. Shootout Show. Mike Blunden. Go ahead, give it a listen. You know you want to. [Syracuse Crunch on Soundcloud]
  • Is the NHL getting as bad as soccer with the diving? It's hard to say. But "two minutes for bad acting" seems to be getting some serious attention these days. [New York Times]
  • The NHL has found yet another language to broadcast in: Spanish. (This may already the case for Southern California, Arizona, and Texas, however, I'm not entirely sure about that.) Welcome to play-by-play hockey South Florida style - with video! The Florida Panthers are doing this for three games this season. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tampa Bay Lightning fans have been here, Blue Jackets fans. So has the Lightning's affiliate, the Syracuse Crunch. I wonder if there's anyone left at their AHL team in Springfield, Massachusetts. Trying to make do with what they've got in Columbus. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • You know, it took the good people in Winnipeg long enough to realize that the team they actually had was the Atlanta Thrashers, and not the previous Winnipeg Jets. Dissatisfaction is running high in that city with their team. Especially with their starting goaltender. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Someone in Vancouver is writing (sort of) nice things about the Edmonton Oilers? Really? Will wonders never cease. Why Edmonton might not be so bad off as people may think. [The Province]

Which local news telecast covers the Lightning the best?

WFLA Newschannel 86
Bay News 93
WTSP 10 News1
WTVT Fox 134
WFTS ABC 28 Action News1
None of the Above37